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Pranked ya twice by Hetaliafangirl756 Pranked ya twice :iconhetaliafangirl756:Hetaliafangirl756 0 3 So Mature~ by Hetaliafangirl756 So Mature~ :iconhetaliafangirl756:Hetaliafangirl756 1 6 Me and my lil sis by Hetaliafangirl756 Me and my lil sis :iconhetaliafangirl756:Hetaliafangirl756 1 3 The fountain by Hetaliafangirl756 The fountain :iconhetaliafangirl756:Hetaliafangirl756 1 4


America x Reader-Billionaire Ch.1
America x Reader-Billionaire Ch.1
Oh god you were late! You were so late! It’s just that you over slept and somehow your alarm clock was set for P.M. on A.M., and you don’t even have time to get a coffee from Starbucks or something! All you had was homemade coffee which didn’t really taste as good and the bagel in your hand was tasteless! Maybe it expired?? It doesn’t matter! Just barely you had an interview with a man named John who owned a diner a while ago.
Lucky you, you actually got the job. For most of your life you were applying everywhere but none would accept. Now you finally have a job and the first day, you’re late! Running down the crowded sidewalk, you curse inside your head. The heels were slowing you down and were painful to your feet. Tossing the bagel into the trash, you sipped your coffee but cringed. It was still too hot for you to even drink it.
Dude, you were probably screwed! You knew you shouldn’t have played that game all nigh
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 65 32
The other half
I feel like I've know you my whole life, yet when I see the way your face scrunches in dissatisfaction, my heart breaks in sorrow. I try to hide deeper into the hole's of my mistakes. My flaws are evident no matter what I do to hide them, and the way you muse upon my misery is quite absurd. You know ever single thing about me, yet you refuse to know me. Your grin when I cry only grows to be more and more feared by me. I can never escape you until the day I die. Because you are me, my negative train of thought, My worst critic through life. I Try to shut you out, but you always appear. You haunt my dreams until I cant sleep no more and leave my soul with a foul-taste. Your one goal is to see me fail, to see me shut myself out. Go insane, until im no good for the world anymore. You are my most feared enemy, because I made you,because you are me, and after I made you, their is no way out.
:iconolympia7:Olympia7 2 2
Weather Girls 6 Twister by Olympia7 Weather Girls 6 Twister :iconolympia7:Olympia7 2 0 Weather Girls 6 Firey by Olympia7 Weather Girls 6 Firey :iconolympia7:Olympia7 2 6 Weather Girls 6 Viney (Redo) by Olympia7 Weather Girls 6 Viney (Redo) :iconolympia7:Olympia7 1 0
2P!HetaliaXAbused!Child!Reader: Prologue
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and mad—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same. It all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her ro
:iconsideshow-cellophane:Sideshow-Cellophane 243 394
Zina And Indi My Gemsona Oc by Olympia7 Zina And Indi My Gemsona Oc :iconolympia7:Olympia7 2 10
7 Minutes In Heaven (HetaliaXReader) Prologue
"Happy Valentines day!"
"Oh, Brad! I missed you so much!! Come here, hon, hehe~"
"Agh!! Must not be nervous...on...asking my crush to be my v-valentine!! Ahh!".
You were walking on the streets filled with people but most of them are couples that are walking around wrapping their arms, cuddling, buying chocolate and some are even holding letters.
Today is the 14th of February and it's not just an ordinary day because it's Valentines day, the day of love, the color red and white, chocolate giving, and having a date with a special someone that you love in your entire life.
To be honest, this may be one of your favorite celebrations that you've always wanted to celebrate though the sad thing is, who will be your valentine? You did made a lot of friends which is your country friends that you befriended for a year now and you've been close with them like a rod that never bends. 
Yet, you feel a bit left out seeing so many couples walking around where ever you go smooching, hugging and l
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 60 8
Mature content
HetaliaXReader Drawing: American Aftershave :iconhetaliadrabbles:HetaliaDrabbles 288 114
Austria [Ghostalia x Reader]
You steeled yourself for another foray into the wonderful world that was the undead. You were used to the extremes of your ghost-seeing lifestyle, but it never mattered if the ghost was a coward or an asshole; the first meeting always left you in shivers.
Shifting in the swing-set seat, you stretched your legs and covered your mouth in a fake yawn. While you were moving, you glanced over to the ghost before quickly looking away. You had used this trick many times before, and it seemed to work this time just as well. Distracting ghosts wasn't a hard thing to do since they craved for the movement of the living - well, at least most did, anyway. So while you twitched a few fingers, flexed a few muscles, and huffed at a few strands of hair, the ghost beside you wouldn't be focused on your attention to them, but rather on your body and how you moved.
(Truth be told, it was a little creepy, but if you were stuck around no one for, well, ever, you suppose you'd stare too. Still di
:iconmiistical:Miistical 37 17
Mature content
System Repairs ~ Estonia x Reader LEMON :iconprincess-notte:Princess-Notte 392 139
2p!EnglandxBullied!Reader: I'm not dumb! Prologue
You sat in the principal's office with your parents not believing in what you were hearing. " Are you joking with me? Am I in trouble? Is this a prank?" you asked almost going to cry your 7 year old heart out. The principal blinked not understanding your emotion to the news. "They are switching you out of the normal classes to go to Special Ed honey." Your mother explained. "B-But why?" You almost cried.
A cough interrupted you. The principal handed a few papers to your parents. "Your daughter has Developmental reading disorder, also called dyslexia, is a reading disability that occurs when the brain does not properly recognize and process certain symbols. It's nothing major. She just need a little extra help with her reading skills." The principal simple put.
Your parents nod. "___________, It's recess. How about you go out a play while I discuss this with your parents" The principal smiled. You nod wiping the tears from you face.
'Why me!' You cried in thought. 'I don't want to be st
:iconmslela92:MsLela92 397 84
Romania x Reader: Vampiric Suspicions
Betrayal. It physically hurt to know that your closest friend had let you down in such a way. You frowned at the scene before you for a moment longer; then, spinning on your heel, you fled down the curved stone steps of the castle and bust into the luxurious lounge where your target lay sprawled in one of the plush armchairs.
“Vladimir you traitor!”
A very confused young man looked up from the leather bound novel he had previously been engrossed in. His deep crimson eyes took in your creased brow and tensed shoulders. Sighing, he closed the book, being sure to mark his place before involving himself in what was undoubtedly going to turn into another ridiculous conversation.
“What did I do this time?” He raised an eyebrow as your scowl deepened.
“Don’t feign innocence.”
“I’m not.” He paused, and, realising his answer was apparently unsatisfactory, elaborated. “I honestly don’t know what you
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 325 32
Tainted (2p!Italy x Reader)
A single figure sat lounging in an overstuffed chair in the study. The room was spacious, and very richly furnished. Shelves were full of books; some rows neatly packed while others appeared to have been tossed about in haste. Large maps covered sections of wall, carefully marked and plotted. Exotic flora and plush furniture accented the burgundy walls and frescoed ceiling flawlessly. A magnificent chandelier hung proudly overhead, its many genuine crystals willing to twinkle in the light. If there was light. That was another aspect of this room. It remained dark. Always.
The servants of the mansion referred to this room as the master's brooding chamber, though no more loudly than in their usual hushed voices. Hushed, and submissive. Hushed, and broken.
The man occupying the room, Feliciano Vargas, sat flipping a knife around in his hand expertly, while tapping his chair arm rhythmically with the other. If one knew the Italian well, they'd recognize this combination of actions and know
:iconkinoko4:Kinoko4 951 242
Mature content
Netherlands x Reader - Lemon - It's Our Promise :iconlemmingx3:Lemmingx3 469 82
Norway x Reader - A Magical Birthday
  “That stupid Norwegian!”
   You huffed in anger as your foot landed in another puddle. Since you were told in such short notice it was your Norwegian friends birthday, you had rushed out of your house to get to his, since it usually took a hour and a half walk. Unfortunately for you, though, it had started raining half of the way there.
  So, here you were, running as fast as you could toward your friend Lukas’s house, in the rain. Your clothing was already soaked and heavy, but that didn’t stop you. You were also told he usually spent his birthdays alone. Psh, not if you could prevent it.
  You sighed in relief as you saw his house come into view. Using all of the energy you had left, you ran the last quarter mile to his house. Bounding up his three step porch in one, you almost slammed into the door. Thankfully, though, you have grabbed one of the wooden beams that connected the porch and roof together, which caused you to come to a spinning stop. You
:iconcalexy:Calexy 306 83



What is love, without love from other, and support. We must try our hardest to say what is right at the moment and what is wrong when not.
We must also bear the heart to be honest, when things are ruff or tough. 
If you feel down and sad, just give a little love to others,and hopefully,they will return the favor.
Just be warned, Dont offend others when something is wrong, be kind and fragile,like you would with an egg. 
If we where to just speard this to other, Dont you honetsly think the world would be a brighter place
With love to all,
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Hi im in Otaku just like my little sis Elizbeth A.K.A Olympia7 she loves me a lot and thats why her username is with my first name and where like two otakus in a pod she's the best sis one could ask for in the world and im a Big south Korea fan, Da-Ze!


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